News read on May 26th 2012: In mexico, 5yr old’s eyes gouged out!!


Oh Allah!!!! Please lessen the pain of the small innocent boy.

Oh Allah!!!! It is from his mother, ..what?..Did I say, mother????????????

Who is there to hug him & tell , ‘everything will be fine!’ ?

Oh Allah!!!!……….. Let him pass your test ,in future. Please make him able for that!



Case 2 : Email Scams

Well, we all get money offers via email like ” my client passed away. He has ‘big’ money. Come, Lets share ”


Thats a normal persons response. Well, now majority know its fake.The sad part is that most such fake mails come from muslims of malaysia…

Yes, muslims! The followers of AL AMEEN! You know why people bothered to question their own false beliefs when Prophet Muhammed SAWS, presented the invitation to ONE GOD? Because , he was Al Ameen. People knew he dont lie!! This was one of the facts that made people follow him! Wonderful !

Well, back to email scams. Whenever I get such mails, I reply back ” I dont want any money that I have not earned, coz I fear ALLAH! ”

shame on those ‘muslims’ who try to make easy money. You run after money , make quick money , spend them on hotels , movies , etc. Still you dont have peace..Why? Because the base is wrong. And one fine day, you pass away, having done nothing worthful…Boom…

Tip 2 : See, my dear fellow muslims, die from hunger if you dont have food . but still dont ever wish for money thats not yours! ALLAH KNOWS BEST!

Case 1 : Starting little by little

Well, I will address mostly muslims, or only muslims.

Because Iam a muslim. I get heartburns whenever I see muslims not being ‘muslims’.So, I consider it as a bigger duty to make them understand how a muslim should be rather than educating or introducing non muslims to Islam.

Iam fed up for giving this usual explanation to queries from non muslims-  ” Islam is not what muslims do or what you see as muslims doing, Instead Islam is what MUSLIMS SHOULD DO & most of them NOT DOING”.

How can one blame QURAN or ALLAH for what muslims do which Islam forbids not to do???

So, my blog, at present deals with my muslim fellow beings. Others are also welcome , to see what is going on.

So, where should I start ? I will better refer to my daily experiences rather than mentioning general views or statistics.

Here I go!


Case 1:

Last week, my non muslim brother was using an internet access for a purpose which was illegal . He told me, “You can use this too. Get this from Mr.X”. Well, this Mr.X is a pious muslim, who dont miss a prayer. Well, in his prayers he is giving ALLAH his due, but what about his day-to day activities???? Does ALLAH just wants you to bow before him in prayers & after that you circulate illegal softwares???

As far as I know, in my humble knowledge , a muslim should atleast try to be good IN & OUT ! Allah loves those who refrain from doing things out of love for HIM!

I remember , once , a man who converted to Islam, sorry, reverted to Islam, the first day, came back the second day & asked “I work in a bank which works on Interests, should I quit my job?”

He was asked to ‘quit’ .

He agreed to do that. This happened in a Peace conference in Dubai. My eyes were filled at the  effort that the revert was taking to stay away from what ALLAH has prohibited. See he is ready to obey ALLAH even if it cost him his job!! Iam sure ALLAH widens the paths of such muslims who take effort to obey HIM!

What about we muslims who are muslims just because our parents are muslims? We think “All are doing such things. So, No problem.”

I salute all the reverts because ‘they were thinking’-(courtesy-Ahmed Deedat).

Tip 1 -Humble request : My muslim brothers, try to be good in all aspects ,otherwise you are wasting ALLAH’s GRACE!

Will continue later……..


Yes, muslims.

Recently, I happened to read a few entires by a blogger-kafir girl.I will address that later, some time in future.

Now, let me come to my topic.


As far as I know or see, majority of muslims are not living as ‘muslims’.

They believe in ALLAH, prophet muhammed(SAWS) ,they pray 5 times, they fast during Ramadan, they give Zakaat, they offer Hajj. Fine.

But, still something missing. The true muslims.

For eg:

Whenever I go out, I have an aim in my mind. Iam presenting myself as Da’wah.

I try to speak very nice,politely to others. I wear  hijab .I try to be truthful in my office works .I wont waste my time on silly talks. I dont stare at men.etc..etc..

In this way of presenting myself from my home, to office & back home, I have an aim-Da’wah.

Many non muslims look at me & say “she is good at work. nice lady & yes she is a moslem!”

Lets take another example: I see muslims especially from pakistan(sorry to mention, extremely sorry, but, I have to say the truth).

They pray without missing any. They speak about Islam & prophet muhammed(SAWS) with pride.

But, their actions in daily life, should I enumerate?

You know how they are. mostly hypocrites…much far from Islam, close to Islam only in WORDS..SPEECHES.

How I wish, they behave like muslims!