Case 2 : Email Scams

Well, we all get money offers via email like ” my client passed away. He has ‘big’ money. Come, Lets share ”


Thats a normal persons response. Well, now majority know its fake.The sad part is that most such fake mails come from muslims of malaysia…

Yes, muslims! The followers of AL AMEEN! You know why people bothered to question their own false beliefs when Prophet Muhammed SAWS, presented the invitation to ONE GOD? Because , he was Al Ameen. People knew he dont lie!! This was one of the facts that made people follow him! Wonderful !

Well, back to email scams. Whenever I get such mails, I reply back ” I dont want any money that I have not earned, coz I fear ALLAH! ”

shame on those ‘muslims’ who try to make easy money. You run after money , make quick money , spend them on hotels , movies , etc. Still you dont have peace..Why? Because the base is wrong. And one fine day, you pass away, having done nothing worthful…Boom…

Tip 2 : See, my dear fellow muslims, die from hunger if you dont have food . but still dont ever wish for money thats not yours! ALLAH KNOWS BEST!


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