Yes, muslims.

Recently, I happened to read a few entires by a blogger-kafir girl.I will address that later, some time in future.

Now, let me come to my topic.


As far as I know or see, majority of muslims are not living as ‘muslims’.

They believe in ALLAH, prophet muhammed(SAWS) ,they pray 5 times, they fast during Ramadan, they give Zakaat, they offer Hajj. Fine.

But, still something missing. The true muslims.

For eg:

Whenever I go out, I have an aim in my mind. Iam presenting myself as Da’wah.

I try to speak very nice,politely to others. I wear  hijab .I try to be truthful in my office works .I wont waste my time on silly talks. I dont stare at men.etc..etc..

In this way of presenting myself from my home, to office & back home, I have an aim-Da’wah.

Many non muslims look at me & say “she is good at work. nice lady & yes she is a moslem!”

Lets take another example: I see muslims especially from pakistan(sorry to mention, extremely sorry, but, I have to say the truth).

They pray without missing any. They speak about Islam & prophet muhammed(SAWS) with pride.

But, their actions in daily life, should I enumerate?

You know how they are. mostly hypocrites…much far from Islam, close to Islam only in WORDS..SPEECHES.

How I wish, they behave like muslims!


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